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Authorized Xiaomi's Official,5-10 Days Delivery, Global Free Shipping
120W Xiaomi HyperCharge

120W Xiaomi HyperCharge

Xiaomi continuously pushes the boundaries of charging technology to always provide a leading battery and charging experience.

Faster charging speed and larger battery capacity are usually a multiple choice question for engineers. In a compact space, the Xiaomi 11T Pro is not only equipped with a 120W fast charge, but also a 5000mAh battery

How does 120W Xiaomi HyperCharge work?


To achieve this milestone Xiaomi uses a combination of a new charging structure, graphene application on Li-ion batteries and 3 technologies combined, MTW battery technology, MI-FC charging technology and liquidCool technology.

The voltage and current ratio is adjusted to improve charging power. The dual charge pumps adjust the voltage and amperage to the optimal ratio; it lowers the voltage and raises the amperage to overcome conventional voltage limitations and allows for larger wattage intake.


As a single battery is limited, the dual-cell battery structure doubles the available input. In the Xiaomi 11T Pro, the battery's typical capacity is 5000mAh. The battery is split into two 2500mAh cell structures. We also use a better thermal control with larger current intake.

Multiple Tab Winding (MTW) is a new battery technology that improves current flow into the battery. MTW features multiple anode and cathode tabs to allow for a shorter current path, lower internal resistance, and better thermal control with a larger current intake.

This technology is the ultimate charging experience with efficient and consistent high-energy output. Conventionally, charging speed slows down significantly as the battery gets close to 100%. Mi-FC extends the time of high current and supports real-time cell current and voltage monitoring. As a result, this significantly reduces trickle charging time.


Using "graphene-based lithium-ion" technology, Xiaomi 11T Pro's battery packs greater conductivity than traditional batteries.


A safe charging technology


Xiaomi uses additional safety measures to assure there are no compromises in the lifespan of the battery. With LiquidCool technology, heat dissipation is quick so that charging is always efficient.

Xiaomi features 34 charging and battery safety features, spanning the entire charging cycle from the charger to circuit to battery. And the 9 thermal sensors monitor the real-time temperature, ensuring charging is safe at all times.

Xiaomi continues to focus on ensuring optimum lifespan for safer and more durable batteries. The battery is built with a high-temperature charging protection, a high-temperature discharging protection and double overcharging protection.


The circuit features a USB input over voltage protection, USB input overcurrent protection and USB input under voltage protection. The charger has a short circuit protection, overcurrent protection and overvoltage protection.

With the 120W Xiaomi hypercharge technology you can enjoy the all-round professional protection for your device.

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